Sunday, August 5, 2012

An effective tool for Inventors and Writers designed to protect their concepts and perform worldwide searches

Recently, ideaApp which is a product developed by Thought Development, Inc., was launched to help inventors and writers protect their concepts and search their worldwide feasibility.

An article was recently published in The Wall Street Journal's Market Watch that talks about the benefits of using ideaApp once someone comes up with what they think is a unique idea. Click here to read the article

IdeaApp is accurate, quick and inexpensive. We're currently offering ideaApp for $9.99 on the iTunes store. Here's a link if you're interested in downloading the app

For $9.99 Inventors and Writers can protect their concepts and ideas using this easy to follow app.

ideaApp assists in obtaining U.S. patents by providing links to registered patent attorneys or patent agents to perform those services. ideaApp also offers guidance in other areas as well such as hiring a graphic illustrator, assembling a list of companies to which ideas could be submitted and obtaining confidentiality agreements with those companies. Any of these processes would cost far more individually than using ideaApp for only $9.99.

Sounds to good to be true? Well Inventor Spot recently contacted us and asked a plethora of questions to confirm our offering and they were so excited about this tool that they wrote on article about it. Read their article here

If you're interested in learning more about ideaApp, we encourage you to reach out to us because we know how important your ideas and concepts are. Email us at or call us at (561) 853-1589.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Discussion about First Down Laser System on NFL Radio

This past weekend, First Down Laser Systems was on an NFL Radio interview. Former USA Today reporter Larry Weisman discusses and answers questions about this innovative invention that can help NFL players avoid injury.

Here a link to the interview on YouTube.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about First Down Laser Systems, please contact  us at (305) 343-7480.

Friday, July 6, 2012

First Down Laser Systems could help save athletes from injuries

NFL games involve more than physical play. From the league standpoint, they're about time and money as well. How do the games fit in the television window, and how can revenues be maximized?

Implementing the Green Laser Line to indicate first downs would provide an earnings opportunity through sponsorships while cutting the length of games.

The Green Laser Line (First Down Laser Systems, LLC) makes the first down line (or line to gain, in NFL parlance) visible on the field to players, coaches, and fans. That group, which creates the stadium experience enjoyed by the television audience, doesn't get the benefit of seeing and utilizing for strategic purposes the yellow line superimposed for viewers at home.

"The two most important lines on the field are the goal line and the first down line and only one of them is clearly marked," says Alan Amron, the laser's developer.

So where do time and money factor in? First, the NFL continues to use the "chain gang" to measure first downs. It's a bit of a cumbersome process, as the field officials call time out and signal for the chains, which then must be brought to the ball, marked for accurate placement, and stretched. Is it dramatic? Not so much anymore. Not with the yellow line making relatively clear on the television side whether or not the ball crossed the plane. Could it be enhanced? The laser system would be faster.

"I think a laser on the field would be a benefit from a player's standpoint, a coach's standpoint, and the fans' standpoint," says Jim Fassel, coach of the United Football League's Las Vegas Locomotives. He witnessed an in-stadium demonstration of the Green Laser Line staged for the UFL two years ago.

Time and money. A sponsorship should be easy enough to sell, and lucrative. NFL teams averaged a little more than 311 first downs each during the 2011 season. Obviously some of those were awarded after measurements and on other occasions the team failed to convert after a measurement. If there were an average of 2.5 measurements a game, the 256 games played during the regular season would offer 640 sponsorship opportunities during which everyone's attention is completely focused.

With NFL teams having voted to begin adding Wi-FI services to their stadiums, fans in-house will often be streaming video to their phones and tablets. Why should they see something on television that they cannot see in the building they've paid handsomely to enter?

How does saving time help? The NFL recently announced it was changing the 4:15 p.m. ET Sunday kickoffs to 4:25 p.m. Games often run long, and the network carrying a doubleheader must switch games. That's no fun for the fans enmeshed in the final moments of the earlier contest. Shaving a few seconds here and there has always been a focus of the NFL's competition committee, which had seen Monday night games running almost 90 seconds longer early last season than they had in 2010.

"In researching the kickoff time shift, the NFL analyzed games for the 2009-11 seasons and found that 44 games required part of the audience to be switched to a mandatory doubleheader game kickoff," the NFL said in a statement. "With a 4:25 p.m. ET kickoff, that number would have been reduced 66 percent to only 15 games."

The NFL had previously added instant replay review for all plays involving turnovers, which may also slow down play and add interruptions."It possibly could," says Rich McKay, the Atlanta Falcons president and chairman of the league's competition committee. "When you see it, it feels like it could slow the game down because you are taking what could be a challenge and taking it upstairs for confirmation." They try to speed it up, but then they slow it down.

They add technology, but stay rooted in the past where the chains are involved.The Green Laser Line can help. Green means go. It also means more green for the NFL.

For more information about First Down Laser System, please visit

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Muhammad Ali 1963 Rant/Poem rights and website now signed with Thought Development Inc

The famous Muhammad Ali rant "The Legend of Cassius Clay" poem, written and copyrighted originally in 1963 by his wife Khalilah Ali, along with her life's story publishing, music, book and movie rights - have been acquired for representation exclusively by Thought Development, Inc. thru Alan Amron a signatory agent listed with the Writers Guild on both coasts. 

Visit the website to learn more

Below, is a video of Khalilah reciting her poem "The Legend of Cassius Clay". 

Video Transcript
This is the legend of Cassius Clay, the most beautiful fighter in the world today.
This kid fights great, he’s got speed and endurance, but if you sign to fight him, increase your insurance.
This kid's got a left, this kid's got a right, look at the kid carry the fight.
Aw the crowds getting frantic, there's not enough room then Ali lowers the boom.
Who would have thought when they came to the fight they would witness a spook satellite.
No one would dream, when they put down their money, they would see a total eclipse of the Sonny. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pat Summerall explains the First Down Laser System

Pat Summerall is the premier television voice in pro football.  Mr. Summerall spent ten years as a professional football player in the NFL. After retiring from football, Summerall was hired by CBS Sports in 1962 to work as a color commentator on the network's NFL coverage. For over 40 years, he has been around the game of football and now has teamed up with Alan Amron to continue to make the sport exciting for fans of the game.

In this short video, Mr. Summerall discusses the value of First Down Laser Systems on-field first down marker using a green laser line. Watch the video to learn more about this great new invention. 

We’ve included a transcript below in case you’d prefer to read Mr. Summerall’s comments.

Hi, I’m Pat Summerall. I’ve teamed up with Alan Amron and First Down Laser Systems, a Thought Development company, to tell you about the very first visible laser line to be projected onto the football field. This green line will be easily seen by all the players, coaches and fans in the stadium and at home. 

The green laser will not only make the game more exciting but will improve the integrity of the game and give the players a point of reference on the field making it safer for them to see where the first down line actually is as opposed to looking for the sticks on the sideline - and it will immediately assist the official’s spotting of the ball.

First Down Laser doesn’t want to eliminate the chains just improve them - and the laser is completely controllable on the field and in the booth when needed.

How many times have you watched a football game on TV, seen the yellow line, and wondered “Why can’t everybody see it”?

Well now it’s possible. Plus the hundreds of millions of dollars in additional TV revenue can be achieved in advertising income.

Football is about first downs and touchdowns.

Let’s bring this exciting new technology to America’s game and catapult this great sport into the 21st century.

End of transcript

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pat Summerall discusses the First Down Laser Flag system

"Hi I'm Pat Summerall for First Down Laser Flag systems - a Thought Development Inc., owned company.

         Pat Summerall, the recognized voice of the NFL & Sports Broadcasting in America.
Football is a game of inches, and winning or losing depends on this.  

Having our first down laser line visible on the field for all the Players, Coaches, Officials and the Fans (both at home and in the stadium) - helps to make the game of football not only more exciting for the fans watching in the stadium, but it helps make it safer for the players and more accurate for the integrity of the game itself.   

We are not suggesting to eliminate the chains, just to augment them with our durable safe first down laser line system on the field.  It will save the NFL, NCAA and the networks literally hundreds of millions of lost TV revenue dollars a year by simply implementing our Laser line system, as a constant visible on the field first down reference point.  The cost of our system can be offset by the advertising dollars, and newly gained TV minutes dollars saved. 

EXAMPLE:  The First Down Laser light line is brought to you by Pepsi Lite.

Completely and instantly controllable on the field, and in the control booth, for instant on and off  (like a light switch) by the officials at any time.

Did you ever go to a football game and inevitably someone would say "were is the yellow first down line?  I can't tell were the first down is."   Well that yellow line is only a graphic on TV for the home viewing audience.  

Invented by Alan Amron, and awarded (4) four United States Patents, this amazing new laser line system will help to make the game of football, not only safer and more accurate, but more interesting to the viewing audience at home as well as in the stadium.”   

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

IdeaApp is an App Every Inventor or Writer Needs

Often times, people think of great ideas, however, the difficulty they run into is PROTECTING AND nurturing that great new idea and getting it to the next stage in the development process. Finally there’s a FREE app specifically designed for Inventors and Writers…and it’s really easy to use – it’s called IdeaApp.

Screen image of IdeaAPP's new login screen where
Inventors can download the app and interact with 
other useful resources with the aspiration of trying
to get their BIG idea to market.
Idea creators, writers or inventors submit their ideas along with supporting materials (scanned sketches, WORD documents, PDFs, images of prototypes as well as audio or video recordings) through the app for PROTECTING , DEVELOPING and displaying on the IdeaApp website. Inventors and Writers can solicit the support of co-writers, co-creators or co-inventors, and also the corroboration of one or more individuals who are not co-writers, co-creators/inventors (i.e. "witnesses") for their ideas. When an idea is submitted, the co-inventors/creators/witnesses associated with it receive an email  instantly with the capability to vouch for the idea.

If first protected, approved and authorized by the creators, Investors who are willing to support and fund ideas along with other idea development specialists would monitor IdeaApp for the next new "home run" idea. If first protected and authorized by the creators, Investors can engage the available resources to protect and work on developing ideas. Before an investor can express their interest in an idea, investors can evaluate the idea on the basis of witness corroborations and other details available on the website.

 Why should you install IdeaApp:

 For only $9.99 per idea submission, you can utilize the unique individual expertise of the IdeaApp team, which has a combined level of experience of over 118 years. Our team has spent millions of dollars developing ideas and is very familiar with what it takes to take an idea from conception to the real-world. How you ask? We have repeatedly completed the necessary steps, over and over again, for many successful ideas and have learned (sometimes the hard way) from repeatedly going through these steps, to protect and develop great ideas - inventions and/or writings.  

Submit your idea or writing to IdeaApp and here’s what you’ll get:

1- A professional "search", of the entire world, to see if your idea or writing has been done before (where, when and by whom) and get a detailed PDF report, via email, within seconds.

IdeaAPP allows you to keep all pertinent information
about your invention or writing in on place.
2- Corroborate your idea with co-writers, co-creators, investors or family and friends and receive instant email confirmations. 

3- Connect with resources worldwide to help you professionally develop and protect your idea.  Lawyers, Artists, Engineers, Investors, model makers and other Inventors with similar interests to yours. 

4- Find possible sources of “funding" or investors interested in purchasing or partnering in your idea. 

5- Improve your idea – like a writer’s "notebook" with professional online storage and dates to do what, when, where and how with email "reminder" notifications.  IdeaApp sends automated tickler notices by email and suggestions for your next steps. 

6- Piece of mind in working with professionals who know about protecting and developing your idea. 

Don’t leave your idea to chance. Move the idea forward by associating yourself and your idea with the right team of developers at IdeaApp.

Who’s Who at IdeaApp

Alan Amron is a professional and successful Inventor with over 43 years experience. Mr. Amron invented the Press On Memo, which is known today as Post It notes by 3M. He also developed the digital Photo Wallet for Nikon and Kodak (the first portable battery operated picture and video player ever). Another of Mr. Amron’s well known inventions was the battery operated toy water gun (Uzi, M-16 Zap it) for LJN, a Universal Pictures owned toy company.  Finally, Mr. Amron is a signatory agent in Hollywood listed with the writers guilds on both coasts for over 35 years. 

Brian Dinicola, Esq. is the IdeaApp Patent Counsel with over 30 years experience first as a supervisor and examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark offices in Washington D.C. then going on to be Senior Corporate Intellectual Properties Patent Counsel at AT&T. 

Lori Jordan is a Harvard MBA with over 25 years experience at securing funding investments as well as starting up new ventures and spinning off divisions for several fortune 500 companies. 

Lawrence Weisberg, Esq  is a contract corporate attorney with over 20 years experience doing contract and negotiation work for high profile corporations and individuals.

For more information about IdeaApp, we encourage you to contact us at (561) 853-1589 and one of our Idea Developers will be glad to answer any questions you might have getting started nurturing your newest idea.